I’ve been lucky…

For the last fifty years I’ve been able to make a living as a writer. Most of those years I spent working and then owning a small regional ad agency and, more recently, I’ve been primarily writing documentary scripts as well as recording the Waking the Dead podcast featuring stories I’ve been working on for the last twenty years.

Like any writer, I’ve studied and written about many things. Recently, I made the list below to see exactly how many:

Addiction, Ball Bearings, Baseball, Bath Salts, Beer, Bipolar, Cancer, Carrots, Checking Accounts, Chemotherapy, Computer Accessories, Construction Companies, Cribs, Criminal Justice Reform, Cutting Boards, Daycare Furniture, Depression, Drugs, Employee Benefit Programs, Energy-Efficient Buildings, Espionage, Famous Historical People (many), Fragrance, Genetics, Gods, Healthcare, Helicopters (Medivac), Hospitals, HVAC Systems, In-Vitro Fertilization, Industrial Machinery, Insurance, Investment Services, Judicial Reform, Kitchen Cabinetry, Legal Services, Magazines, Marble Quarries, Me, Medical History, Mental Health, Neurotransmitters, Non-Profit Housing, Ophthalmological Instruments, Optical Filters, Packaging, Palliative Care, Pediatric Medicine, Personal Computers, Pharmaceuticals, Pollination, Post & Beam Buildings, Presidents, Private Schools, Pumice Stones, Radioactive Storage, Relationships, RFI Chips, Savings Accounts, Schizophrenia, Scientific Research, Shoes, Silver Polish, Sluice Gates, Soap, Soapstone Countertops, Social Services, Software, Sponges, Spray Nozzles, Toys, Trade Show Displays, Trust Accounts, Women’s Clothing, Worms, Writing, X-rays (well, Radiation Therapy), transcendence, YMCAs, Zoos (Petting)